• One size, one love.

    Rainkiss rain ponchos are easy to carry, easy to wear and offer an inclusive one-size fits all design...but for so many reasons. We tried to design a poncho that will fit almost every body type.

    Big or small, Rainkiss rain ponchos will fit and look amazing but also this drastically limits the amount of return packages we receive. No more issues with fit, sizing or ordering the incorrect size. Return packages leave a trail of pollution, and yes.... some even end up in landfill so we think keeping it simple goes a long way.

  • From material to packaging.

    Not only do we think about how we design & make a Rainkiss rain poncho but also how we package and ship them.


    We have completely eliminated all plastic from our shipments and ship all orders in 100% recyclable packaging.

  • Fun facts.

    PFAS free waterproof coating.

    20+ Recycled PET bottles in every Rainkiss rain poncho.

    100% Oeko-tex certified recycled polyester.

    97% of all ponchos are made from recycled polyester.

    3% return rate drastically below industry standard of 20%

    0% Virgin plastic is required to produce a Rainkiss

    We've removed all plastic shipping materials for all wholesale and consumer shipments.

    Ship all orders in 100% recyclable packaging.

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